Anyone who completes an annual tax return should benefit from the private client services we provide. You may be a sole trader, a member of a partnership, a company director, or have investment income or capital gains you need to account for. Whatever your personal situation, our expertise generally proves beneficial.

Every year, Uttridge Accounting helps many different private clients with financial planning and tax advice that can save thousands. We’ll help you identify all the tax allowances you are eligible for, and show you how to arrange and present your affairs in the best way to minimise tax liability. We will also complete and file tax returns on your behalf.

Services for individuals

Uttridge Accounting offers a full range of private client services to help you manage your financial affairs. In addition to the services listed below we can also help with mortgage services, insurance requirements, estate planning and more.

Tax returns

If your tax return contains inaccuracies or is filed late, you can be subject to penalties and may even face investigation by HM Customs and Revenue. But ask Uttridge Accounting to help, and you can be sure that all information is entered correctly, and everything submitted on time. You may also find that we save you considerable sums, by clarifying all the allowances you are entitled to, and presenting your finances in the most tax-efficient way. You can also usually claim the cost of our preparation services as an allowable expense, making professional help even more affordable.


As a sole trader or member of a partnership, you will often find that much of the information in your accounts goes straight into your self-assessment tax return. When preparing your annual accounts the proprietary software we use allows us to transfer the figures directly from your accounts into your self-assessment return. This ensures complete accuracy and transparency. Along with annual accounts, we can also produce half-yearly, quarterly or monthly figures to help manage your business.

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