Clear, accurate, up-to-the-minute accounts are vital to the well being and successful operation of every business. Poor accounting practices and dilatory record keeping don’t support effective business decision-making. And you could even incur fines for failing to file VAT, PAYE and taxation returns properly, or for failing to make payments on time. Yet most companies are not financial specialists themselves, and all this administration can come as an unwelcome burden.

That’s why more and more successful small and medium sized businesses are turning to Uttridge Accounting. They know they can trust us to take care of book-keeping, annual returns, taxation, payroll, PAYE, VAT and more. With Uttridge Accounting providing dependable accounting support at affordable prices, you’re free to concentrate on what matters most – and that’s growing your profitable business.

Business services

Uttridge Accounting offers a full range of services to business, so you can select just what you need. In addition to the services listed below we can also help with business start-ups, company formations, tax planning, business finance and more.

Limited company returns

Recent changes to the Companies Act further increase the administrative burden on business. Uttridge Accounting’s company secretarial services can liberate you and your staff from tiresome and time-consuming paperwork, as we:

  • Prepare, complete and file your annual return
  • Prepare and present the company’s accounts and corporation tax return
  • File all necessary submissions with Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs


Every company must maintain accurate records of business transactions – HM Revenue & Customs have powers to demand such records at seven days notice, so they must always be kept up to date. Yet the burden of constant record keeping can be just one more demand on an already over-stretched company. We can arrange computerised record keeping that’ll help you become much more productive.


All companies employing staff must operate PAYE schemes and file their payroll information online. And late payment of PAYE can attract stiff fines and interest penalties. Our payroll bureau service takes care of the whole business for you. We prepare and issue weekly or monthly staff pay slips, and file all payroll information online, advising you of your PAYE liability in plenty of time to pay.


Over the next year all VAT-registered business must move to filing their VAT returns online, and paying their VAT electronically. We can prepare your VAT returns when they are due, file the information online, and set up electronic payment for you. In addition there are a number of VAT schemes operated by the government that may make life easier for your business, and we can also advise about these.

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